kitopo board - 2

320x250 mm

kitopo board - 1

300x300 mm

kitopo board - 3

350x190 mm

kitopo - kitchen topography

In the mountains and valleys of kitchenware,

kitopo carves traces for tiny streams to flow...



The patterns on the kitopo carving boards are made by Paule Ducourtial, and apart from serving as juice groove, the beauty of the compositions tickles curiosity whether the board is stored on the kitchen table, or in use where the flow of juice will underline the theme of growth and patterns in nature.


Carving boards from kitopo, are made in Denmark from danish wood.

The wood hornbeam (Carpinus betulus) is one of the hardest sort of wood grown in Denmark, which makes it well suited for carving boards. Hornbeam is a cultivated crop and replaced.


kitopo boards are produced at the sheltered social enterprise: Hans Knudsen Institutet. The boards are produced by people challenged by physical, mental or social handicaps. The goal is to give all people a place in the labor market.


Each kitopo carving board is unique. Every cutting board is made from one piece of wood. No glue is used. A plank is planed, carved and sanded to produce a kitopo craving board, giving each board its own appearance.


The board is treated two times with oil to protect it on its travel from the workshop to you.


And finally the mark of quality is burnt on its side.


The patterns and the edges


The kitopo boards have different patterns and different edges.

Board No. 1 and No. 3 has a 45 degree angle on the edge.

Board No. 2 is a block with no refined edge.